Just leave the temperature alone

May 24, 2017 — by Leena Elzeiny

Reporter focuses on asking teachers to leave the temperature alone in a 100 word rant.

The realization first came my freshman year, when I was shivering when it was around 95 degrees outside. Looking around the classroom, my groupmates were also cold, but the rest of the class seemed fine. Comfortable even.

Then I looked up, to see that the vents were pointed at me, and from then on I learned to dread a hot day. And God forbid someone yawns, because then the AC goes 10 degrees cooler.

But don’t get me wrong — cold days are no better. I open the door to my World History class only to be greeted by a furnace. It takes willpower to step through that door and not turn back.

Despite the overwhelming complaints, teachers do not budge, and their temperature preferences are forced upon those who do not want them. It is simple: Temperatures should never fall below 55 or be above 70 in a classroom.