Junior class officers host back-to-school drive

September 4, 2018 — by Shreya Katkere

Junior class officers organized the second annual back-to-school supply drive to help out Sunday Friends, a nonprofit organization in need of school supplies to give to the children in their program, from Aug. 16-24.  

By the end of the drive, two whole bins were brimming with school supplies.

“I would consider this year’s drive a success,” junior class president Emma Hsu said. “This year’s is a lot compared to last spring, when we only were able to fill half a bin.”

According to Hsu, the junior class office also wants to reach out to Redwood Middle School and the three local elementary schools (Argonaut, Foothill and Saratoga) if they decide to host the drive again and get help from the students there.

I believe that it is important for us to give back to children who are less fortunate than us because we live in such a small bubble and we never interact with people in need,” Hsu said.