Junior builds strong connection to father through baseball

April 28, 2017 — by Olivia Lu and Isabelle Yang

Baseball has not only helped junior Nathan Peng stay in shape but it has also fostered close-knit relationships, especially with his teammates and with his father, the person who introduced him to the game at age 8.

At first, the two would simply play catch in their front yard. Soon after, Peng began to play Little League ball and went on from there.

“The first practice, I just remember catching my first ball with my dad and loving the game ever since,” said Peng, who mostly plays catcher for the Falcons and usually bats third.

Peng’s passion for baseball paid off when he landed a spot on the varsity team as a sophomore. This year, he is one of the team’s key players. So far, he is hitting .471, had scored 14 runs and had driven in six RBIs. He mostly plays catcher and bats third in the lineup.

Peng hopes to play in college and has begun his  searching for recruiting opportunities.

“Professional baseball would be a plus, but for now I’m just focusing on college,” Peng said.

If he doesn’t receive any offers, his backup plan is to apply through the regular college application process. Peng’s family is supportive of any of his decisions about college in years to come.

Even today, Peng see his father as his best coach, and he is able to translate his father’s advice onto the field as well as apply it to life. Peng takes his work ethic from the field to other activities outside of baseball.

“I get work done in the classroom and on the field,” Peng said, “and I take pride in getting better every day,” adding,”

“One thing I learned from [my dad] was that nothing happens by accident,” said Peng. “Everything wrong that happens has a cause and in order to fix that problem, the cause has to be found.”

Peng’s talent for baseball is noticeable to his teammates and friends.

Senior pitcher Tony Ramirez describes Peng as “a kid at heart” while being “undoubtedly the best player at Saratoga High.”

Regardless of whether Peng is able to play in college, baseball has provided the basis for the personal philosophy he will carry far beyond the playing field.

“It’s not about the work that everyone sees,” Peng said. “What separates a good player from a great player is the work that no one sees.”



4/7 Wilcox 4-2 (L)

4/10 Gunderson 5-3 (W)

4/19 Los Gatos 7-4 (L)


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