Joshua Harris: Costume Extremist

October 14, 2010 — by Deborah Soung

Junior Joshua Harris has been regarded by others as funny, weird and eccentric for his outgoing attitude and interesting fashion choices which include snuggies, characters like Jailebirde for the junior quad day, and historical figures for his history classes.

“There were a couple of weird ones,” said Harris. “I think it was one day for history when I was supposed to dress up as Resputin, but I wore the beard the entire day.”

More recently, Harris was doing a project for APUSH on what Puritans could get arrested for.

“I made the letter ‘G’ for gambling,” said Harris. “It was a silver chain with a ‘G’ on it, and I was supposed to be the plaintiff, but [my classmates] accused me of being a bad investigator, so I had to wear the ‘G’ for the rest of the day.”

Harris said that “picking up things that friends do, watching a lot of shows, having friends who have the same outlook on life and such” affect his flamboyant choices in outerwear, and that he mainly dresses up “because life is boring.”

“Really, [I’ve] got to do something to make the day more interesting and lighten up the atmosphere,” said Harris.