Jazz Cabaret brings together young and old

March 16, 2010 — by Serena Chan and Aanchal Mohan

Young and old came together on campus for an evening of dancing and live music during annual Jazz Cabaret held March 6 in the Large Gym.

The Redwood Middle School Jazz Band, SHS Jazz Bands I and II, the Los Gatos-Saratoga Big Band and the SHS Choir all performed while over 500 people from all throughout the Saratoga community swing-danced to the music.

“The music was beautiful and fun to dance to,” said sophomore Alison Knysh. “I was happy with how it complemented the atmosphere of the night perfectly.”

Every year parent and student volunteers dedicate hours of their time to make sure the night is perfect, and in the end attendee said it is all worth the effort. The gym is transformed into a “jazz club,” making people who attend forget that the room is usually full of sweaty athletes.

“The parents are just incredible,” said choir director Jim Yowell. “Months of work are spent in preparation to decide who’s going to do what.”

From the dessert buffet and punch fountain to the decorated bathrooms, parents created an ideal setting for an evening dedicated to celebrating music.

“When we were on the stands getting ready to sing, the music had only started for about half an hour,” said sophomore Rebecca Chen. “There was only one couple dancing on the dance floor and it was an elderly couple. It made me so happy to see them enjoying the music.”

Jazz Cabaret is also a chance to introduce the jazz and swing genre to the music students and the younger generation. They got a taste of the culture that their parents and grandparents grew up listening to.

“It is music that a lot of my students are not really familiar with,” said Yowell. “This is music I grew up with, so it had a great impact for me to share it with my students.”