Jamba Juice secret menu is refreshing any time of year

December 4, 2018 — by Neeti Badve, Angelina Chen and Amanda Zhu

White Gummy Bear  9.5/10 (Neeti)

As one of the most popular drinks on the secret menu seon injang gat-a, White Gummy Bear is sweet and tangy at the same time. Peach, strawberry and pineapple prevail in this pink smoothie, replicating the taste of the clear gummy snacks it is named for. The splash of lime, raspberry and orange sherbet balances out the sweetness, leaving a hint of freshness as an aftertaste. $6 may be pricey, but this smoothie is satisfying all year-round. Don’t worry, no gummy bears were harmed in the making of this drink.


Raspberry Refresher 9.5/10 (Amanda)

Made of raspberry juice, raspberry sherbet and fresh raspberries with a hint of banana, the Raspberry Refresher will leave you wanting more. Just as the name suggests, this smoothie is cool and refreshing, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. This sweet, cherry-red drink will both satisfy your sweet tooth and curb your cravings for anything raspberry. It is a little costly at $6.09, but you’re sure to be yearning for the largest size of this drink every day of the year.


Piña Colada 9/10 (Angelina)

A creamy concoction of fresh pineapple, coconut, frozen yogurt, banana and sherbet mixes into the secret menu drink, Piña Colada. This smoothie is tart with just the right amount of sweetness. Although the price is a bit high at $6.19, the taste fresh squeezed pineapple and coconut milk will bring back memories of sunny beaches and tropical breezes. It is the perfect drink for when you’re missing summer in the middle of winter.          

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