How I turned the shelter-in-place order into a mini Rodeo Drive

April 30, 2020 — by Isaac Le

Although unable to go outside, I decided to wear streetwear outfits for my own satisfaction.

With in-person school officially over until at least August and a  shelter-in-place order in effect in Santa Clara County, I have only left the house once in the last few weeks to pick up Starbucks and groceries for my parents.

These circumstances have prevented me from flexing what I have spent the majority of my money on: clothes. However, this has not stopped me from creating a mini Rodeo Drive showcase at home.

Every day during the first two weeks of quarantine, I wore different streetwear outfits, consisting of brands that I would usually wear to school, including Fear of God, Bape, Rhude and Kenzo.

Weirdly enough, not only did these outfits make me feel less bored at home, they motivated me to study and do work rather than just sleep. Trust me: If you’ve never tried sleeping in streetwear outfits, it’s extremely uncomfortable.

Here are the outfits that I have worn in the last week. 

Monday:  Grey Fear of God 6th Collection hoodie with M4 Denim. The grey hoodie with the black branding in the middle was a subtle flex, making it my favorite outfit of the week because of the boxy fit of the hoodie and the muted colors.   

Tuesday: Rhude Vintage Hoodie with olive cargos. The main aspect of this outfit was the oversized vintage hoodie with the synthetic faded black wash, which extended to the middle of my thigh, adding a different dimension to the outfit. The olive cargos paired with the outfit well with the outfit, keeping the Earth tone trend going.

Wednesday: Canada Goose jacket with the Uniqlo ankle pants. The subdued look with only black and grey tones lead to a very classy look, defying all stereotypes that Canada Goose is only for the rich with no sense in fashion. However, this quickly turned out to be a terrible idea because of the beaming sun outside. 

Thursday: Vintage Black “Wish You Were Here” Travis Scott tour hoodie with the M4 Vintage Denim. Even though this Travis Scott hoodie looks plain and just black from the front, the back depicts an astronomical explosion, featuring all of his tour dates. Thank goodness I got this hoodie back once my ex-girlfriend and I broke up . The vintage wash denim paired very well with the hoodie because both pieces offered a washed look. 

Friday: Bape Shark Hoodie with M4 Black Denim. This was the flashiest outfit of the week because of the full camo Bape Jacket, but I paired it with simple black jeans to make the outfit more subtle. The bright camo along with the boy scout-type patches on the side, however, made me feel as if I was one of those wannabe middle school hypebeasts. 

So far dressing up during the quarantine has helped me find some normalcy. Not only did I enjoy picking out new and fresh outfits every day, but I also found myself more productive because it simulated a school setting. At the same time, I  discovered that I spend way too much money on hoodies that look exactly the same. Unfortunate.


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