Hot take: Allow dropoffs in senior and junior parking areas

October 6, 2021 — by Aiden Ye
Photo by Victoria Hu
In order to combat heavy congestion during dropoff times, senior and junior parking lots should be opened.

If you head to school from your car and think, “I’m already at the parking lot and I still have five minutes, that’s plenty of time,” you’re wrong. That is, if you aren’t a junior or senior. 

The current dropoff zones are significantly limited by junior and senior parking areas, resulting in a much longer congestion time for sophomores and freshmen. Especially in the morning, the junior and senior parking lots are not busy. The other half of the parking lot, however, looks like Highway 101 during rush hour. 

While the juniors and seniors might point out how they’ve waited for their turn — this is their precious parking space now, and no one else should be able to use it — it’s not like their parking spaces would be compromised. Merely allowing for other students to fill up the space during drop off and pick up times would speed up everyone’s day significantly without causing them much pain.

But as for now, the sophomores and freshmen can only look on from their parents’ cars with envy from their long waiting line as the juniors and seniors zip into their own parking lots without having to suffer through — another — 10-minute traffic jam.

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