Hello, it’s me, Isabelle (again)

October 13, 2016 — by Isabelle Yang

It’s me and I’m back again to tell you that I have even more grievances to air with my name. As much as I’d like to say that upon releasing my previous article, I had been reborn as a new person — or perhaps as the “Isabelle” I’d always been — and I had extended into the heavens as a graceful butterfly.

Sadly, this is not the case. I’m here to tell you about something just as necessary as not mistaking my name for Elizabeth, another name not even remotely similar: the proper spelling and pronunciation of Isabelle.  

Although I’d love to be a compassionate human being that is kind and keen to forgiving others on butchering my name in hundreds of ways, including my elementary school teacher who went through an entire parent teacher conference calling me Isabella to my mom. This is now a PSA, a state of emergency; my name is Isabelle, not Isabel, or Isabella, or Izabelle, or “I’ve-just-given-up-and-spelled-Isabelle-with-three-’l’s.”

As mentioned in my previous article, I’ve given some friendly reminders to remind you of how my name is “Isabelle” and not “Elizabeth.” I’ll again bless your poor soul on how to spell my name because frankly, I know, I know, Isabelle is difficult to spell.

If you recall learning phonetics, you’ll probably remember the difference between an “e” and an “a.” Quick test: What’s the difference between “awesome” and “elephant”? That’s right, they’re two completely different words, both beginning with two different phonetic sounds of “a” and  “e”!

Why did I make you take this test that even a kindegartener could pass? Because now hopefully you’ll know that my name isn’t Isabella. It’s only taken me this long, but I’ve finally done it. After going into classes where teachers have continued to adamantly call me Isabella and write my name with an extra “a” and losing the “e”: I urge you to campaign with me #dontlosethelettere2k16.  

Now, being the clever person I am, I again have a trick tailored just for you who struggle to spell my name: “Spell” with two ‘l’s just like Isabelle with two ‘l’s.

After this trick, I’m almost certain I could pass as some witty modern-day slam poet but also I’m also certain that my name will never be spelt with just one “l” anymore and instead, two.

I hope that I have taught you something valuable; I’m a girl named Isabelle and I’m going to pester you until all the other Isabelles in the world can rest in peace, knowing that people care enough about us to spell our names correctly.