Going off campus: the secret menu of Panda Express

September 20, 2018 — by Jun Lee

Review on Panda Express

On late nights, my brother and I sometimes go to Panda Express and order orange chicken and chow mein. Along with fast service, the restaurant offers food that is savory, delicious and cheap, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite. Panda Express is located near Westgate Mall in Saratoga and is about 10-minute drive from school, which it is also close enough to school for off-campus lunch; students don’t have to drive like characters in “Fast and Furious” to get back to class on time.

Although Asian-American students make up a large portion of the school, there aren’t many affordable Asian restaurants near campus, especially for poor high school students. Panda Express is undoubtedly the most reasonable choice, with prices usually ranging from $8 to $12.

One of my go-to orders is the fried rice with orange chicken; the combination of the sweet taste of fried rice mixed with the tanginess of orange chicken is a taste that never fails to satisfy.

Aside from the regular orders, the secret menu is full of surprises, and for a regular Panda Express customer, there are many delicious foods to discover.

Prepared with soy sauce, eggs, peas, carrots and green onions, the brown fried rice is a hidden delicacy on the secret menu. Not only does its amazing flavor make it a “must try” for everyone, but it’s also a healthier alternative than the original white rice version. I also recommend the orange chicken with bacon; the sweet taste of orange chicken with the savory taste of bacon is a combination that can’t be missed.

Going off campus for lunch is a privilege, and the precious time should be well spent. While McDonald's or other fast food chains provide a quick lunch, Panda Express offers an extraordinary brand of Asian-American food, satisfying students’ lunch needs of tastiness and timeliness.


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