Freshman class fundraises through gratitude grams

November 27, 2018 — by Patrick Li and Jeffrey Xu

rom Nov. 9 to Nov. 14, the freshman class office sold gratitude grams for $2 each at the top of the quad steps during lunch and tutorial.

Freshman class treasurer Weilin Sun said that each gratitude gram contained a See’s candies lollipop with a note attached. Students could write on the note to express their thankfulness toward their friends.

“It was an opportunity to show appreciation to others by sending a little candy with a note to the person,” Sun said.

Sun said the freshman class sold about 50 gratitude grams, earning a total profit of $33.59.

While Sun considers the fundraiser an overall success, he did note a few key things that the freshman class could improve on if they ever do the same fundraiser again, including more publicity.

Sun said that if people had known that the candy the freshman class was selling was quality See’s candies, they would be more likely to purchase gratitude grams.

Sun said that after the gratitude gram sales were over, they still had 10 candies left, so they sold the rest of the candy for $1, which sold out more quickly.

The freshman class plans to save up the money for future events, such as for their proms.

Freshman class president Derek Hsu said that it was a good learning opportunity for possible future fundraising.

“Although we didn’t make a lot of money, people enjoyed the sweet messages and the See’s lollipops given with it,” Hsu said. “It was more as a giving opportunity and still a success.”

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