Fix the bathroom air dryers

October 8, 2021 — by Allen Luo
Photo by Allen Luo
A trip to the bathroom shouldn’t burn so many calories.

Picture this: You’re in the bathroom, and your freshly washed hands are dripping wet. You put your hands under the air dryer, expecting a warm, refreshing blast of air to dry off all the water drops sticking to your hand. 

One second passes.

Now, two.


You start wondering, “Why isn’t this working?”

You frantically shake your hands back and forth, hoping that the sensor will respond to your panic.

It doesn’t. 

Only one option remains: You  subject your hands to the cold air outside as you shake them vigorously in a failed attempt to dry them off. If you’ve ever used the school bathrooms before, you’re familiar with this horrible experience. 

We shouldn’t have to complete an entire upper body workout in an attempt to dry your hands. 

Please fix the air dryers.

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