Finding a good bathroom: a rant

December 13, 2021 — by Mitchell Chen
Photo by Mitchell Chen
I can't go to the bathroom without disturbance
People are too often uncourteous to others in the bathroom, so it’s important to scope out the best locations.

After a long lecture, you decide you need a short break and ask to be excused to head to the nearest bathroom. After locking the stall door, you take a quick look around, making sure there’s enough toilet paper left in the dispenser. 

To no one’s surprise, the toilet is filled to the brim and gross.

Losing all faith in humanity, you stare down with disgust for a few moments and contemplate moving on to the next stall before deciding to move to another bathroom altogether. 

Walking around campus, you ponder where to go next. Finally you decide to make the long trek all the way to the single stall bathroom next to the engineering building. 

Once you arrive, you think to yourself, “Finally, I can take a short break without being disgusted.”
If only people could dedicate half a second to pushing the little lever on the side of the toilet, I wouldn’t have to walk all the way down the hall just for an unabused bathroom. But no, our little minds are incapable of performing this act of simple courtesy. 

The next time you are finished with your business, take care of it — we’ll all be better off.

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