Fear of local crime increases safety

January 29, 2018 — by Anishi Patel and Rahul Vadlakonda

Public safety measures increase community response to crime. 

Crime rates have fallen since 2016 in Saratoga, but even as statistics have improved, residents continue to take measures to ensure that they do not fall victim to crimes such as burglary.

While some may say Saratoga citizens are overly paranoid considering the city’s relative safety, the fear behind residents’ extra precautions is the most effective crime-prevention method available and should continue.

With 69 instances of residential burglary and 70 total instances of ID theft/fraud in 2017, residents have reason to take precautions to ensure that their homes and families are well protected.

In response to the high rates of crime, programs such as Neighborhood Watch have been key tools in making sure criminals can’t easily roam streets and look for vulnerable homes.

Equally important are security systems or cameras from companies such as ADT or Xfinity. This technology automatically deters criminals looking for an easy score: an unsecured window or an unlocked door.

Aside from residents taking the initiative to install private security systems in their homes, the county offers a public announcement notification system known as the Santa Clara County Emergency Alert System, which notifies anyone living or working in the county of the time and place of an incident.

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, U.S. prisons held more than 2.3 million people as of 2017, but more and more of those inmates are transferred to communities, since states like California seek to reduce their prison population. Many of these criminals now walk the streets and pose potential risks to vulnerable communities.

Even as crime rates may edge downward, it is essential for some fear to reside in the minds of citizens, and for those citizens to take actions to protect themselves.

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