Declan Mckenna: music that means something

October 16, 2019 — by Anjali Nuggehalli

Twenty-year-old English singer Declan Mckenna is an up-and-coming artist whose songs are similar to music by popular artists such as The 1975 and The Neighborhood. His songs reflect on world issues he’s passionate about, allowing listeners to feel an emotional connection with his lyrics. 

Mckenna initially gained recognition after he released his first single “Brazil,” in which he sings about how the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil was glorified by the media despite the extensive poverty in the nation. Soon after releasing “Brazil,” McKenna released his first album, “What Do You Think About the Car?” featuring songs like “Why Do You Feel So Down” and “Make Me Your Queen.”

Although Declan Mckenna isn’t on Spotify’s Top Charts, his music does more than just integrate unique blends of instruments and soulful vocals. Through discussing topics such as drug use, socioeconomic disparities and religion, Mckenna proves to be a promising musician striving to find a deeper meaning in his art.