Dance team performs with teachers

November 22, 2019 — by Manasi Garg and Tiffany Wang

With the end of football season, the dance team is now focused on preparing for their upcoming competition season in January. 

On Nov. 16, they held a dress rehearsal to run through all their dances to make sure that they are prepared. 

Planning for competitions start early in the year: All of their dances are choreographed in September and early October, senior dance captain Lillian Wang said. Now, they are more focused on just polishing the dances.

Because they are now required to fundraise on their own, the dance team has decided to put on a “Dancing with the Staff” show. The show was suggested by head coach, Maleia Fernandez, who participated in a similar showcase when she was in high school.

Dance team members will split up into pairs and choose a teacher to dance with. Each pair choreographs a 30 to 45 second dance to any song of their choice, and they will show off all of the dances during a showcase on Dec. 11 after school in the gym, sophomore Kaylie Wong said.

Staff members, including assistant principal Matt Torrens, science teachers Lisa Cochrum and Jennifer Lee and English teachers Amy Keys and Erick Rector, will be featured during the show.

“I’m very excited,” Keys said. “I think it’s going to be very funny, and I hope to learn a lot.”

The team is also planning to showcase a few of their football or competition dances. It will be good practice for them to perform in front of others, Wang said. 

All of the members in dance team hope it will be a success. 

“It’s always fun to see your teachers dance,” Wong said. “It will also feel like Homecoming quad day all over again.”

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