Dance commission struggles with low budget

November 1, 2017 — by Ava Hooman and Patrick Li

The dance commission is seeking to raise money to help pay for the Winter Formal in December.

Head commissioner Marissa Leong and her fellow commissioners Nicole Wong, Jolyn Tran and Connor Reyes have been trying to fundraise every other week. Having already spent $22,000 on the down payment for the upcoming Winter Formal, they are seeking additional ways to pay for the decorations and food.

Money is generally split between Homecoming and Winter Formal. This year, dance commission had a budget of $16,000 for Homecoming, and is planning to spend about $30,000 for Winter Formal, but the commissioners fear ticket costs may not cover the whole expense.

Winter Formal is generally more expensive than Homecoming due to its pricey off-campus venue.

“Venues and food are super costly for Winter Formal since we have food catered, so payments are made per person or per serving we order,” Wong said.

Although Winter Formal tickets are priced at a high $50 to $60, the dance usually still boasts solid attendance.

This year, dance commission planned on hiring a interior decorator for the venue, but he canceled in the last minute. As a result they are currently in search for a new one and are hoping not to spend more than $2,000 for this expense.

In their effort to stay on budget, the commission is turning to fundraisers, selling boba tea, donuts and popsicles. They have made a few hundred dollars so far.

Besides Homecoming and Winter Formal being held in the first semester, dance commission usually hosts a Spring Fling dance held in the later spring months. The commission has not decided on their budget for Spring Fling as of yet, and based on student interest, they may not even hold the dance this year.

Despite the commission’s struggles to cover the cost of Winter Formal, they are still planning to create memorable dances.

“I think dance commission will progress and get better at making dances super fun and enjoyable later on in the year,” Wong said.


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