Costly ASB package unnecessary for most students

October 16, 2018 — by Megan Chen and Shama Gupta

As forms pile up at the beginning of every year, around a thousand students buy the $175 ASB package. But as the year goes on and school dances and football games go unattended, many students have come to the realization that buying the ASB package isn’t all that worth the cost. This is why the number of students purchasing ASB has dropped from 1,080 to 979 in the last year.

For students who dish out the $175, they pay less for dances, can attend football games for free and receive a complimentary planner, T-shirt, pom pom and yearbook. But because Saratoga students are busy with sports, speech and debate practices, robotics competitions and many more, it’s often difficult for them to go to all those football games and dances to get their money’s worth.

Realistically, other than students in band or those who are otherwise obligated to go to football games, most students haven’t been to more than one or two of them. School dances other than prom or winter formal are also lightly attended.  

Additionally, the students who actually use their planners could buy a much cheaper one elsewhere or even use a free online planner.

While the yearbook is generally more wanted by students, it, along with the shirt, can be bought separately for a cheaper combined cost. The yearbook costs $100, and the T-shirt is $20. If students only bought the items they needed, they would save $55 as compared to buying the entire ASB package and all its supposed benefits.

This year, the school added to its already-long list of benefits with the complimentary red and white pom pom. While the point of the item is likely to encourage school spirit, the pom poms haven’t been put to use at all.

For the small population of students who really do take full advantage of their ASB perks by going to all the football games and dances the school has to offer, buying ASB is a smart choice. But in order to make the package a better bargain for the rest of the students, the school should consider reducing the cost of ASB next year and thereby increasing the number of students who buy it.

The money raised with ASB packages is used directly for the school; by overcharging for ASB, the school is losing revenue that could benefit the school.