Budgeting meals an effective money-saving method

March 2, 2011 — by Will Edman

Breakfast: $1.95 donut at Starbucks
Lunch: 2 Double cheeseburgers .99 each
Small fries $1.07
Dinner: $5 big box at Taco Bell: Crunchwrap Supreme, taco, burrito and cinnamon twists
Total: $10

It wasn’t too bad having only $15 to spend, because fast-food restaurants have deals that can provide lots of food for a small amount of money. This experience helped me in saving money and realizing that if I only spend a little more time looking at the deals that food places have to offer, I can save a lot of money. An issue that most students, especially upperclassmen, have regarding meals is that they spend too much on lunch and snacks. Budgeting in this style can not only help in preventing over-consumption, but it also helped keep me from over-spending for the day.

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