Bell schedule change advances for second semester

November 22, 2021 — by Christina Chang and Lynn Dai

During its Nov. 16 meeting, the five-member district board unanimously agreed to modify the bell schedule to incorporate a daily tutorial starting next semester, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Among the six possible schedules, the board unanimously supported three but didn’t yet settle on a final decision: Choice A, consisting of 85-minute periods and 10 minute passings, was favored among students in survey for the uniformity of start-stop times in periods; Choice C, consisting of 88-minute periods and 8-minute passings; and Choice F, consisting of 90-minute periods and 5-minute passings. 

Two board members supported reducing class minutes from 90 to 88, two supported reducing it to 85 and one disagreed with both options. The board also noted that students favored increasing lunch time, and agreed to organize a change in the bell schedule by the end of this semester.

The district surveyed staff, students and parents in an effort to figure out a better alternative to the widely criticized new bell schedule that was rolled out in August. The biggest criticism was the lack of a daily tutorial. 

A potential sticking point is the ending time of 7th period on Red Days, which would go to 3:55 in some versions from the current 3:45.

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