Bai Tong is love, Bai Tong is life

March 31, 2022 — by Sarah Thomas
If this story convinces you to go to this restaurant, please pick up a Thai iced tea for me

Bai Tong Thai Bistro has been around ever since I moved to Saratoga in 2013, and I’ve cherished it for the past five years. Through constantly changing friendships, classes and interests, my love for Bai Tong has persisted. 

I went to Bai Tong for the first time in fifth grade with my family. My sister and I both got Thai iced teas (which were delicious) and took handfuls of tamarind candy before leaving. 

The restaurant is co-owned by junior Panisa Kachinthorns’ parents.

Their menu never disappoints. My favorite dishes to order are the Tom Kha soup — a coconut milk broth with tofu — and the Pad See-Ew — wide rice noodles in soy bean sauce. 

The best thing about Bai Tong is the huge portion sizes compared to the relatively low prices. For example, you can get a whole platter of noodles for $15, and I swear that one entree can last you a whole week. 

Over quarantine, I took my friend to lunch at Bai Tong and even though there weren’t many people eating out at that point, Bai Tong stayed consistent with the quality of its food and the friendliness of the staff despite the pandemic taking a toll on local businesses.

If I ever have to take someone to lunch in Saratoga downtown — whether its family from out of state, a friend from Los Gatos or just my younger siblings — my first choice will always be Bai Tong. It’s a business well worth supporting in good times and bad.

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