ASB makes efforts to increase transparency with students

December 10, 2017 — by Andrew Lee and Muthu Palaniappan

Leadership class held its first-ever class meeting during fifth period on Dec. 4 in the team room, conducted by ASB president Nathon Chin.

This was the first ASB meeting since the start of the Leadership class, whereas before meetings were held every other Monday night or during lunch. Leadership students discussed topics such as Winter Formal, Move-ember and ASB expenditures, and opened the meeting to any available students who wanted to participate.

In addition to soliciting feedback from the class on how to improve these events, ASB also set a goal at the meeting to become more transparent with the school. ASB also took in suggestions from the general student body through Facebook class groups.

“Many Saratoga students aren’t really aware of what work that goes on in Leadership and ASB,” Chin said. “Leadership has taken note of this, and we are trying our best to help students understand what we actually do.”

The Leadership class is planning to post occasional  summaries and videos of the work that they are doing on the Saratoga High Facebook page and to help students feel more connected with student leadership.

Also, ASB and Leadership intend to consistently have open meetings to discuss how the classes can improve in making the school a better place.

“Next semester we are hoping to hold one of these meetings every six weeks,” Chin said. “With these meetings, we’ll better engage with the school’s opinions and improve with our future events.”


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