ASB implements revised club policies for remote learning

October 18, 2020 — by Christine Zhang

Clubs are adjusting to new rules in online learning, as laid out in a meeting hosted by activities director Matt Torrens and the ASB on Oct. 14.

At the start of the year, ASB mandated that club meetings be recorded so that there would be evidence of inappropriate conduct or other issues in case the club adviser was not present at the meeting. But with the new Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District Zoom accounts created on Sept. 15, students are no longer able to record Zoom meetings.

Because of this, ASB removed the requirement for meetings to be recorded, but they are hoping to meet with the district board to bring the recording feature back to student accounts.

In addition, if clubs want to invite people from outside the district, their club adviser must host the meeting in order to allow those people to join. 

The fundraising process for clubs has also changed. Because clubs cannot sell food atop the quad steps as they would in an ordinary school year, some are resorting to selling merchandise or other methods of fundraising. But ASB vice president Erica Lee said that moving to an online format also cut the spending of many clubs.

Given the difficulties of transitioning online, Lee said that clubs can now complete a suspension form if they cannot function online. For these clubs, ASB will allow the club to suspend their club status until in-person schooling resumes if their request for suspension is reasonable. So far, only the English as Second Language (ESL) club has been temporarily suspended.

In general, Lee and the ASB officers are trying to be more lenient this year. 

“We know it’s difficult to adjust, and we appreciate all the clubs doing their best to continue holding meetings during this time,” Lee said.

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