An ode to fall clothing

October 19, 2022 — by Divya Vadlakonda
Photo by Annie Liu
Fall weather gives way to a cozy wardrobe.
In the context of fall clothing, the hoodie is unrivaled.

I love fall: I love its ambience, its serene landscapes, its aesthetic and the warmth you feel inside the comfort of your room, shielded from the crisp wind outside. As the red and yellow leaves start to pile up and the weathers change, I find myself increasingly eager to adjust my wardrobe fittingly. 

As we delve away from the neon tank tops, denim shorts and flip flops of summer, it has always been easy for me to transition to the cozier clothings of fall. Particularly, the blessed hoodie.

There are many fall clothing articles — including, but not limited to sweatpants, sweaters, jeans and coats — but hoodies check every criterion on the list: comfortable, reusable and versatile.

Most people have that one particular go-to hoodie, the one you put on when you have nothing to wear and the one that makes you feel the safest and most at ease with yourself. For me, it is my gray oversized Redwood Middle sweatshirt. Through sunshine or rain, this hoodie is my sanctuary, the fact that it is RMS merch notwithstanding. 

While some may long for the unrestricting clothing of summer, hoodies have always felt like a comforting hug, easy to put on and easy to take off. The roomy pockets give you something to fiddle with, the hood gives you privacy, and the soft fabric provides security. 

Not to mention, having a go-to hoodie narrows down your outfit options, because they go with everything. Whether it be wearing them with flare leggings, jeans or shorts, they are incredibly versatile articles of clothing.

Hoodies are so great that you can toss a random one on and automatically make your outfit go from looking like a dumpster fire to “casually put together.” 

Also, its soft, thick fabric allows for repeated usage as well as longevity. Of course, I’d advise limiting yourself to wearing it only a few days a week — donning one for a week straight can raise all kinds of questions.

To repeat: Hoodies are an absolute essential to a good fall wardrobe, the unsung hero of seasonal clothing. You’ll probably only see me wearing them for the next few months, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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