Amazon Books: a new hope?

December 7, 2017 — by Andrew Lee

As students increasingly rely on the internet as a resource, it has become much easier for the average person to buy items like books through online shops or applications. As a result of sites like Amazon, many local bookstore locations have disappeared in recent years.

In order to appeal to those who prefer offline shopping and reading, Amazon decided to open brick-and-mortar bookstores . One nearby location is situated between Free People and Scotch and Soda in Santana Row.

I decided to visit.

With a contemporary exterior, the store was an inviting location on the crowded street, drawing special appeal because of the bookstore exhaustion in the area.

As I walked in, I was surprised at how large the bookstore actually was. The dark teal walls and the hardwood floors gave the room a cordial aura. Judging from the low-profile exterior of the building, I half expected the bookstore to be very minimal. The overwhelming sea of books hit me with nostalgia, reminding me of the days my mother took me to Barnes & Noble to buy toys and colorful children’s books.

From autobiographies to backpacks, Amazon Books offers a wide variety of merchandise that seemed to satisfy book enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

Aside from a large selection of books, one thing that I enjoyed about the bookstore was that a portion of it was dedicated to technology. With Amazon-exclusive devices such as the “kindle” and “Alexa” in store, many tech enthusiasts like myself found themselves lost in the abundance of electronics.

With something for everyone, Amazon Books is a place to visit and shop this holiday season. Although this may not be the Barnes & Noble or Borders books that we remember from our childhood, Amazon Books is keeping the tradition of actual books stores alive.

Of course, it helps if you’re able to overlook the irony that the company that killed physical bookstores is now the only company rich enough to bring them back.



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