‘All I Want for Christmas’ … is this song to end

December 2, 2022 — by William Norwood
Photo by Annie Liu
I vote to ban “All I Want For Christmas is You”.
Mariah Carey can go cry, and I will have no sympathy.

Every winter since its release in 1994, Mariah Carey’s version of  “All I Want for Christmas is You” climbs the Billboard charts and becomes one of the biggest songs in America all over again — but doesn’t it deserve it. It is the most annoying, insufferable song in the history of music.

Each Christmas, 70 Instagram stories are bound to show up with this song, attached to photos of people making snow angels or photos of Christmas trees with multitudes of presents. 

I despise the breed of Instagram stories that comes along with this song, and every other Christmas song. I do not need to see your aesthetic, privileged and happy Christmas. Respectfully, go away and reflect on your life. 

This song is the one thing that makes me despise the month of December. The annoyance of this song automatically creates a negative environment, and a good reason for me to be pushed over the edge each Christmas. 

How about this year you listen to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” or “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree?” Change it up, you basic people.

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