100 Word Rant: Strange slang is not lit

September 20, 2017 — by Ryan Kim

“Wazgud squad, we’re gonna have a hellaaa lit party fam so bring, like, stuff. Yeah, yeah, no, we’re gonna look at dank memes and Netflix and Chill for a while. Aight see ya then bois.”

Why do we talk like this? What is it about California culture that inspires us to spout such nonsensical vocabulary?

The slang we use doesn’t even make sense; what are “dank memes?” “Dank,” according to the dictionary, means “cold and moist …” that’s probably not what you want your “memes” — whatever those are — to be like, right?

Another question: Why do we constantly contradict ourselves? “Yeah, yeah, no, don’t do that.” What’s the point?

Maybe this is just another inexplicable California thing. We can only hope it’s not here to stay. LIT-erally.


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