100-Word Rant: Short lunchtime disadvantages non-speed-eaters

October 7, 2021 — by Aiden Ye
Photo by Annie Liu
Since the lunch is now only 30 minutes long, it is challenging to even finish your food and get to 5th period if you buy hot-lunch.

On your marks, get set, eat!

That’s the way the new 30-minute lunches feel.

I don’t think it was the school’s intention for lunchtime to become a speed-eating contest. However, by the time I buy hot lunch and get back to my table, there is usually a grand total of five minutes left for me to eat after I wait in line and find a spot to settle down with friends. 

Now, five minutes might sound pretty lenient to all of those speed-eating champs out there, but for me, it’s certainly a daunting task. The food sitting on my cardboard plate looms menacingly as the second hand of the clock counts down. 

But wait! There’s a Chemistry test next period that I haven’t studied for as well as an English essay due 7th period that I haven’t edited yet. Guess I won’t be eating again.

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