100-word rant: Sequestering phones in class is pointless

March 30, 2023 — by Divya Vadlakonda
Graphic by Annie Liu
The dreaded phone pockets make their unwelcome appearance in every classroom.
Our cellphones should remain with us for the sake of retaining our autonomy.

When I step into a classroom, my eyes often land on a dark blue calculator caddy with pockets that fit our cellphones perfectly — I become overwhelmed with a sense of dread.

Though phones can make some students less productive, students should be allowed to take more responsibility for their own learning. 

For a school that places so much emphasis on students taking initiative for their own learning and mimicking the rigorous college environment, the restrictions placed on cell phones refute such a notion and have a very middle school vibe. If teachers want to build such an environment, why don’t they give students the independence associated with one as well?

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