100-word rant: Double 15-second YouTube ads are the spawn of Satan

December 17, 2021 — by Benjamin Li
Commercials shouldn’t last so long you forget what video you came to watch in the first place

Kicking your feet up after finishing a 3-hour project, you open YouTube and pull up a video to relax. 

Instead of being immediately pulled into the video, dismay fills your face as a 15-second unskippable ad pops up. Looking to the bottom left corner, your heart sinks to the floor as you see the tiny (Ad 1 of 2) written in opaque, white text. Double unskippable 15-second ads are Satan’s spawn — a devious scheme to waste everybody’s time. 

YouTube, do us all a favor: Skip the unskippable ads and let us get straight to the videos we came here for.

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