100-word rant: Classrooms don’t need to be freezing

May 14, 2018 — by Jeffrey Xu

I wake up to a morning of sunshine. The first thing I do is check the weather forecast on my Google Home.

“Today in Saratoga, expect a high of 83 degrees and a low of 62 degrees,” Google says.

Nice, I think. I can finally take a break from jeans and wear some nice khaki shorts. I throw on a T-shirt and leave for school.

But as I enter my history teacher’s classroom, I’m hit with a blast of cold air conditioning. Fifteen minutes into the class and I’m already sneezing and sniffling, trying to survive in the Arctic-like environment as a lecture continues on the Cold War.

Teachers, please try to keep your classrooms somewhat not freezing so we don’t have to find a way to dress for two different seasons at once.




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