We can all relate to ‘Cash me ousside’ and other memes

March 9, 2017 — by Amy Tang

Scrolling down my Facebook timeline, I’m bombarded with memes with flashing bold white letters that read, “Cash me ousside, howbow dah?” At school, it becomes almost impossible to go a day without somebody saying or referencing the “cash me ousside” meme.

When 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli and her mother from Florida appeared on “The Dr. Phil Show” to discuss her behavior last September, nobody expected the girl to rise to internet fame: one teen with attitude, one anxious mother and Dr. Phil produces somewhat trashy television. “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime,” proclaims the “The Dr. Phil Show” website entry.

The segment likely would have faded into the abyss of daytime television had it not been for one perfect moment. “All these hoes laughing like there’s something funny,” Bregoli says, gesturing to the audience. “Did you say,” Dr. Phil responds, dramatically pausing and moving his hands as though attempting to sort through Bregoli’s meaning, “the hoes are laughing?” The audience begins to applaud, and it is at that point where Bregoli unleashes the line that would soon make her an internet star: “Cash me outside, howbow dah?” she yells at the audience.

The phrase is now used to describe any slight annoyance or disruption, and it has become addictingly catchy.

But why do we care so much about this rebellious teenager, with her dyed red hair and thin eyebrows?

For me, it’s because she’s relatable. It’s undeniable that people like Bregoli make for quality entertainment. Millions around the world, including thousands of meme pages, seem to agree.

Her candor is so out there that it draws many people in. Some appreciate her authenticity, since being completely honest and blunt nowadays is too often considered rude and unacceptable.

Truthfully, it can be difficult to be cordial to people when internal frustrations are building up, and “cash me ousside” becomes an entertaining and lighthearted way to release feelings of annoyance without coming across as, well, annoying.

Got 57 minutes of math notes and endless homework assignments due tomorrow? Tell Mr. Yim he can cash me ousside. How bow dah?

The phrase has taken on a second life as a meme, beating out some of 2017’s most iconic memes so far, including side-eying Michelle Obama, salt bae and the internet’s best worst source of advice (the guy who puts his finger up to his head). The meme, like every other viral trend, will outlive its hype after a month or two, but you can bet there will be dozens of relatable, iconic memes to come.

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