Freshman spins flag at first halftime performance

September 23, 2017 — by Anna Novoselov and Callia Yuan

Stepping onto the football field during halftime on Sept. 15, freshman Nikita Kadambi cradled her yellow flag and scanned the bleachers packed with enthusiastic parents and students. This was her first high school Color Guard performance and she couldn’t have been more anxious.

“It was so nerve-racking,” Kadambi said. “There were so many people sitting in the bleachers and I felt like there were more chances to make a mistake.”

As a previous captain of the Redwood Middle School Guard, Kadambi assumed she was in a good spot entering high school Guard. But even that experience wasn’t enough to prepare her for the tougher routines and stricter schedule.

“I didn't realize how much work it took until actually starting,” Kadambi said. “Practices are much harder because there is way more technique involved and more complicated choreography.”

Before the show, the team members warmed up together, stretching and reviewing choreography. After making their way to the field in two uniform lines, they gathered into a circle near the end zone to exchange words of advice and encouragement and calm their nervous energy.

“I took a really big breath and shook out my jitters,” Kadambi said.

Kadambi thought she performed well overall. She said that she was able to calm down about halfway through the routine and perform the rest confidently, enjoying showcasing the choreography that the team had worked so hard on.

“I’m so stoked for the rest of the season,” Kadambi said. “I can’t wait to do a better performance for my mom to record.”


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